Ten bladed cylinder

Allett Cartridges- 6 vs 10 Bladed Cutting Cylinders For The Homeowner

We’re going to take a closer look at the difference between 6 and 10 bladed cutting cylinders to help you determine which blade might be best for you and your requirements.

The Perfect Cylinder For You.

When it comes to picking the perfect cutting cylinder for your lawn there are a few points that you may need to consider before determining whether a 6 or 10 bladed cylinder is best for your lawn. These can include things like how much grass you’re going to be cutting and how frequently you plan to cut your lawn. If you, like many other people, are still more familiar with rotary lawnmowers over cylinder mowers there’s a very simple way to explain it. So to put it simply, compared to how one might explain how a rotary mower would cut your lawn like a machete, a cylinder mower cuts your lawn like that of a pair of scissors. Take a look at the differences between cylinder and rotary mowers in our video here

Differences Between 6 vs 10 Bladed Cutting Cylinders?

5 to 6 bladed cylinders are what is most commonly found on cylinder mowers and are designed for general mowing between 20mm and 30mm. The number of blades on the cylinder along with the diameter of the cylinder greatly affect the overall mowing height possible. The more separated the blades are, the better a cylinder will mow taller grass. However, the more blades present the more the mower loses the ability to mow taller grass, because there is less space between individual blades. So for those who mow their lawn more frequently, and prefer low cut finishes below 20mm, a 10 bladed cylinder would be ideal. So let’s take a closer look at our 6 and 10 bladed cutting cylinders from Allett.


Looking at the specifications of the 6 bladed cylinder any mowers with fewer blades can cope best with longer, heavier or moist grass, as there is more room for the clippings to pass through the blades. Our Liberty 43, Kensington and Buckingham models come with the 6 blade fitted as standard. An ideal height of cut with this cylinder would be approx 20-30mm which is perfect for achieving a beautifully striped lawn.
Advantage of Cylinder Mowers This lawn was cut with a 6 blade


Like the 6 bladed cylinder, Allett's 10 bladed cutting cylinders are also made of hardened and ground steel to help you achieve the best finish to your lawn. In our professional market this cylinder is ideal for fine turf surfaces such as golf and cricket where low heights of cut are required and ball roll is important. When you want to obtain a golf green finish in your garden you need to be mowing at lower cutting heights. The 10-blade cylinder is recommended for high-quality cuts between 10 and 20mm with a mowing frequency of three times a week or more. You need to be cutting regularly with the 10 blade as it will not cope with longer grass. You will get more cuts per metre with the 10 blade cylinder leaving a finer neater finish. See our video on lawn striping here. Ten bladed cylinder This is the kind of lawn that you would be using a 10 blade on https://www.instagram.com/mow.reel.low/?hl=en For more information on which cylinder or even which of our range of mowers would be perfect for your requirements, contact out team of specialists at Allett.