Allett Westminster

The prestigious self-propelled Westminster 20H is purpose designed for creating specialised and amazing low-cut lawns, with long service and precision in mind. The superb, close-cut of the Westminster mower is suitable for the mowing of cricket wickets, bowling and golf greens and the finest formal ornamental lawns.

The Allett Westminster 12 Bladed Cylinder Lawn Mower


Powered by a 196cc Honda four-stroke cylinder petrol engine for reliable starting and long service life, this dedicated, fine turf mower is the only Allett machine equipped with a 12-bladed cutting cylinder delivering an impressive 145 cuts per metre required at these target heights of cut. The 20" (510mm) width of follows contours and undulations without  scalping at these low heights. 

The Westminster 20H

The front steel roller adjusts effortlessly to deliver heights-of-cut from 2.4mm – 19mm (3/32" to 3/4"). Fitted with a double section aluminium rear roller for gentle turf contact and a large 84 litre grassbox the Allett Westminster is a cut above the rest. An adjustable rake system combs the turf behind the front steel roller to ensure all low-lying leaves and horizontal growth are clipped by the12-bladed cylinder. The Westminster mower also features comfortable no-tool height adjustable handlebars for operator comfort.



The Westminster Side Wheel Kit allows you to move the machine around with ease. The transport wheels slide onto a pair of stub axles extending from either side of the rear roller to give raised, powered transport across hard and uneven surfaces without fear of damaging the aluminium rear roller or precision blades. The stand raises and supports the rear of the mower when wheels are being fitted and removed.


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