Allett Stirling Range

Designed for the home lawn enthusiast with medium to large lawns, the Stirling range of expert mowers offer our most exact and robust mowing to date, with the Allett® cartridge system giving professional level cultivation and clean-up for lawn-thatch control, autumn renovations and weed control.

Introducing the Allett Stirling 43 and 51 Battery Powered Cylinder Mower Powered by Ego

The Stirling mowers drive a range of cartridges to cultivate your lawn deeper, faster and with greater precision with unprecedented control and new levels of comfort.

The Stirling 43

Newly designed 17" cylinder mower from our latest battery electric range. It's equipped with a 6-bladed cutting cylinder and will take all six of the 'Ultra Quick Change' 17'' lawn care cartridges. The Stirling 43 has step-less height adjustment from ⅕-2" (5-50mm) and steel rollers at the front and rear. Fitted with adjustable, ergonomic handles for comfort and easy storage.


Our new height of cut selection gives micro adjustment with a clear scale of the height selected. This height system is an even bigger advantage when selecting the depth for cultivation.

The Stirling 51

The Stirling 51 has a 20" cutting width and is the largest battery electric cylinder mower available in the Homeowner product category. It has a 1000 Watt electric motor and utilises a 56 V / 5 Ah Ego battery. 


The Stirling's are perfectly balanced machines with ergonomic handlebars which are so comfortable, the ambitious lawn expert will be disappointed when all the lawn is finished. Faster mowing speeds, if desired, are easily selected with the latest ‘Roto-Shift’ control, but slowing for obstacles is effortless.