Allett Buckingham Range

This mowing icon is for the larger lawn where the results are more important than the budget. The heavy-duty construction delivers high levels of accuracy over many years. The additional weight of the chassis and large engine, while well balanced over the rear roller, presses the strongest and longest lasting stripes of all. Available in three widths; the Buckingham 20H with a 20" (510mm) cut, the Buckingham 24H with a 24" (610mm) cut and the Buckingham 30H with a 30" (762mm) cut.  

Creating a beautiful lawn with The Allett Buckingham

The Buckingham 20H

All Buckingham machines are equipped with six-bladed precision cutting cylinders delivering 73 cuts per metre. All models also feature a the powerful 196cc Honda four-stroke single cylinder petrol engine at the heart of the self- propelled mower, driving the rear- roller as well as the cutting cylinder. 


For large open lawns the optional trailing seat hitches quickly to the Buckingham for reduced effort. The trailing seat is mounted on its own roller to give additional strength to stripes and improve levelling. This roller also auto-steers a path to follow the mower’s roller around flowerbeds and obstacles.

The Buckingham 24H

The rear roller is rubber covered with traction grooves for extra grip when pulling the optional trailing seat. The rear roller is also silent when moving on hard surfaces. All drive rollers incorporate a differential drive system, and split roller sections which reduce scuffing when turning sharply and increase the ease of ‘straight-lining’.


The Buckingham 30H

For the most accurate results, the Buckingham features infinitely variable micro cutting height adjustment from 5mm to 35mm. A strong and adjustable rake system combs the turf behind the front steel roller for stronger stripes and an improved cut.


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