A 40-Year Journey: Tending the Best Lawn in Britain

A 40-Year Journey: Tending the Best Lawn in Britain

Meet Stuart Grindle, a retired joiner with an unwavering passion for gardening and an extraordinary piece of green paradise that he calls his lawn. For over four decades he has dedicated countless hours to developing his lawn transforming a derelict wasteland into the envy of many.

The Humble Beginnings:

In 1975, Stuart and his family acquired a property that was nothing more than a barren wasteland. Determined to make the most of it he initially rented the plot to friends for an allotment. After three years he decided to take matters into his own hands and started the arduous task of landscaping the area himself. From a wilderness devoid of any plants he meticulously shaped every inch of the garden turning it into the beautiful lawn we see today.

A Labour of Love:

Stuart's lawn became the ultimate canvas for his gardening passion. With dedication and attention to detail he spent 60,000 hours over the years caring for his cherished lawn and over £50,000. Every day he'd be out there tending to it and ensuring it received the utmost care and attention. However, health issues over time have made it more challenging for Stuart to continue the physical work and he now receives assistance from his friend Dan to maintain the lawn. Dan cut's Stuart's lawn around 8mm using his Allett Classic with a 10 blade cylinder.

The Pride and Joy:

The highlight of Stuart's garden is undoubtedly his impeccably manicured lawn, which has been meticulously cared for using high-quality grass seed, regular mowing, scarifying, feeding, and overseeding. The lawn's immaculate condition earned him the title of "Britain's best lawn'' in 2018 and it has even appeared on the esteemed BBC show, Gardeners' World. Stuart uses bent lawn seed on his lawn which is what football pitches use.

Challenges and Rewards:

Maintaining a lawn of this calibre is not without its challenges. Stuart explains that the grass is vulnerable to diseases and preventing them requires constant vigilance. He also shares how maintaining such a lawn demands cutting it at least twice a week using a precise height to promote healthy growth. Stuart suffers with worm cast damage which is more prevalent when cutting at low heights of cut.

Opening the Garden for Charity:

Stuart's commitment to his lawn has extended beyond personal enjoyment. For 20 years he generously opened his garden to the public raising funds for charity. The garden's fame particularly after appearing on Gardeners' World, has drawn visitors from all over the country eager to witness the beauty of his lawn.

The Perks of Publicity:

Stuart's lawn has caught the attention of various media outlets and his garden has been featured on several shows. The publicity not only increased the funds raised for charity but also allowed him to share his knowledge and passion with others who seek advice on their own gardening adventures. A shout out from Monty Don earned Stuart's charity an extra thousand pounds plus.

Find our video with Stuart here (available from 7pm tonight- 28th July)