Allett Mowers Battery C34E LAUNCH DAY

Allett Launch the C34E at the Home of England Rugby

The team at Allett couldn’t have been more excited to launch the C34 Evolution mower at Twickenham last week (14th May 2019). On May 14th, to help showcase the brand new Allett C34E battery-powered mower, Allett invited industry leaders to the Twickenham Rugby Stadium and held informal talks on the brand new launch and sustainability. Attendance at the Twickenham Rugby Stadium consisted of football, cricket, rugby, royal households, Oxford & Cambridge University colleges and a variety of current and potential Allett dealers. Allett Managing Director, Austin Jarrett spoke on the company’s battery machine approach and the technology behind the company’s new electronic machine. Austin continued by emphasising the health and safety benefits of non-particulate power and sustainable mower solutions, which work with zero emissions, low noise and vibration levels and minimum maintenance. Keith Kent, Twickenham Rugby Stadium’s Head Groundsman, spoke about his time and experience maintaining a world-class pitch and how he provides the same standard no matter what occasion the pitch is being used for (including international rugby, leisure events or even schools tournaments). The third speaker of the event, sustainability expert Professor David Stubbs, discussed the challenges in the industry of maintaining sustainable products. Using a case study of the London 2012 Olympic Games, David’s talk embraced climate change and how sport can aid in addressing major global ecological difficulties.
David, Keith and Austin’s talks were then followed by pitchside demonstrations with everyone present given access to the hallowed turf and a very green pitch in bright sunlight. The Allett C34E was exceptionally well-received by those in attendance. With its battery packs and futuristic design combined with the tradition and heritage of a classic Allett cylinder mower, makes for a welcome addition to the line up of professional Allett mowers. Since it was first seen at Saltex 2018 Allett have spent months in trialling and making further developments to the machine to bring the mower to a stage where it is ready to go into production. The C34E gives an impeccable cut and lays down Allett’s hallmark stripes, and powered by the latest Lithium-ion battery technology, the C34E features a new chassis design while still maintaining compatibility with Allett’s renowned turf maintenance system. With plenty of power from its battery system to handle and drive Allett’s interchangeable cartridges for powered raking, aerating and brushing. Allett Managing Director, Austin Jarrett said, “We’ll be using the debate and feedback from the customers to form part of Allett decision making and future planning in our battery machine strategy. The industry is rapidly changing and while we aim to be at the forefront we will only be launching twenty C34E this year. When a customer buys one of the first 20 machines we will work with them and their dealer on any developments of the machine before we go into mass production next year. They will become an Allett Pioneer Programme member and attend focus groups and factory visits and will also get exclusive Pioneer merchandise.” The new cutting edge battery powered mower from Allett eliminates the requirements of using a mower that is either petrol powered or has a long lead. Powered by the latest Lithium Ion battery technology, the C34E gives users complete freedom when cutting their grass. The C34E combines emerging mower technologies with the heritage of an Allett mower, giving our customers the best of both worlds; a technologically superior mower, powered by the rich history and attributes that are associated with an Allett mower. Due to the fantastic battery technology, we have eliminated the requirement for petrol, leading to quiet operation when in use. View the C34E over on our Sports/Pro Range section today. Find your local Allett dealer. You can find our talks from the day on our YOUTUBE channel