It's been a long hard winter for garden machinery dealers with most being closed since the government announced the latest lockdown in November 2020. With the lockdown easing and things opening up again Allett Lawn Centre's are back open and ready to welcome you through their doors!

Garden machinery dealerships are often family run businesses handed down through the generations and they need your support more than ever! There are two ways to buy an Allett mower; 

1) Direct from Allett at

2) Via your local Allett Lawn Centre- you can find your nearest Allett Dealer here. Please give them a call before you go to ensure they have machines in stock for you to look at.



What are the benefits of buying from a local Allett Lawn Centre?

Research suggests that customers go through a five-stage decision-making process in any purchase. At Allett we believe in providing high-quality customer service from the first to the last stage and beyond that! We manufacturer cylinder mowers that will last a lifetime so it is a big decision on choosing the right one for you and your lawn. We have a network of Allett Lawn Centre's not just in the UK but around the world. The journey for our Allett customers starts as they walk through the showroom door and they see the range of machines on offer. When you buy from an Allett Lawn Centre you get excellent pre-sale advice and expertise from fully trained salesmen for example which mower suits your lawn/grass type? 

Our Allett Lawn Centre's offer a pre-delivery inspection and delivery service where the mower is demonstrated to the customer showing the starting procedure, oil and fuel filling points and where to adjust the machine if needed.  When you buy direct from Allett you are simply having the mower delivered in a box however we have a wide range of helpful videos on our YouTube to make this an enjoyable experience. Buying from a local dealer gives the customer options to speak to a person face to face, to see and touch the machine instead of simply watching a video online- it's always good to be able to touch and feel a mower before you buy. They also offer great after-sales care where you can take your cylinder in for a sharpen or your mower in for a service aswell as buying additional cartridges.

Contact your local Allett Lawn Centre today!