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At Allett we manufacture a wide range of interchangeable cartridges to fit into your Allett C-Range machine that can be used to cultivate turf mechanically without the use of harmful chemicals. Within a matter of a couple of minutes you can change your cutting cylinder into a scarifier, verticutter, aerator or brushing machine for example. Achieving a beautiful sports pitch like you see at the world's best stadiums is not just about cutting grass- you have to do a number of other turf practices to achieve those results.

Non Powered Slitter (Allett C20/C24)

Our non-powered lawn slitter rotates in direct relationship to the forward motion of the machine, driven by ground contact in order to aerate the soil rather than being machine-driven. Slitting the pitch penetrates the surface of the soil in order to make an easier pathway for oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the grassroots. This also encourages healthy, thick root growth and more thriving grass growth.

Sorrel Roller - C20/C24/ C27/C34/C34E

It’s important to use a Sorrel Roller on your pitches regularly to allow aeration of the pitch. The Sorrel Roller causes minimum disturbance to the soil for aeration purposes, with round hole penetration rather than a slot. This is ideally carried out before fertilising as this allows a better route to the soil.  The multi-tooth drum will penetrate the surface of the pitch so that surface compaction is relieved – an important process, as this allows air and nutrients to pass easily through to get to the root layer. Sorrel rolling is ideal for fine turf and sports pitches, such as cricket pitches, bowling pitches and tennis courts and is beneficial as opposed to merely piercing the soil, as the small incorporated roller irons out any bumps and keeps the pitch in optimal condition. The sorrel roller pushes hundreds of small holes into the surface of the turf quickly. Roots need air. It’s important to use the Sorrel roller on your playing surfaces regularly, especially on the high-traffic and wear areas to allow aeration of the soil caused by compaction. This is ideally carried out before fertilising as this allows a quicker route to the soil.

Brush Cartridge ( note the C20/C24 brush is different to the C27/C34)-(C20, C24,C27,C34, C34E)

The Powered Brush is perfect for sweeping away any ugly worm casts or leaves that are marring the surface of your pitch or lawn and has been carefully designed to keep your stripes perfect for even longer. It is also great at getting rid of any early morning dew. Brushing prior to cutting also helps the grass stand more upright, meaning a sharper and more uniform cut is achieved, whilst controlling any moss issues and preventing any diseased areas spreading across the lawn or sports pitch. This cartridge is also great for cleaning cricket wickets.


Verticut Cartridge - C20/C24/C27/C34/C34E

The Powered VertiCutter is equipped with backwards inclined blades specially designed to prune the grass to improve tillering and stolon formation. This increases the turf density and is very important for anyone wishing to develop fine turf, such as those with bowling and golf greens. The blades are spaced 35mm apart and penetrate the soil to a maximum depth of 0mm.

Recommended Uses:

– To control thatch by removing the dead and dying grass plants which would otherwise contribute to the thatch layer
– Produce an upright grass which will be easier and cleaner to cut with a 6 or 10 blade cartridge later
– As a method of controlling weeds and coarse weed grasses that lie flat in the sward, such as Yorkshire fog and Meadow grasses.

-Cut lateral grasses that lie flat on your lawn/pitch 



Turf Rake C20/C24/C27/C34/C34E


The Turf Rake is primarily designed to lift lateral growth, remove moss and dead material from the grass but it does a lot more than that. You can also use it for removal of broken blades of grass after football matches and for removing pitch footprints left by the players. It is proving to be one of our most popular cartridges and now has longer tines for better collection. Thatch stops vital nutrients, water, oxygen and even fertiliser reaching the grassroots. Imagine spending a good fortune on fertiliser and it just sits on top of the thatch level then gets washed away by the next rainstorm. Thatch can also be a haven for disease eg fusarium and red thread. We recommend that 1/4 of an inch of thatch is healthy- any more and you need to act. Thatch can have a major effect on high-performance surfaces for example bad thatch issues can effect ball in terms of smoothness/speed of the ball. Sport nowadays is all about speed. It can also affect the cleg reading which is ball bounce.

Find a video on the TURF RAKE cartridge here 


Powered Scarifier C20/C24/C27/C34

The Powered Scarifier is designed to remove thatch, surface debris and dead moss. The custom-designed 'aggressive' scarifier helps keep your sports surface healthy and disease-free by allowing air and water to penetrate the soil surface, by using steel blades to cut out the unwanted thatch. Our scarifiers also encourage thickening of the tuft, as they cut downwards rather than across, meaning the grass is ‘pruned’, causing extra shoots to grow, producing a thicker and healthier turf for a more luxuriant playing surface. As the scarification procedure is quite harsh on the grass, it’s important to note that the lawn/pitch may initially look damaged and unsightly, however, in the long run, will do your lawn the world of good, producing a thick, luscious and healthy growth of grass in about a month or so. Scarification produces the best results if the lawn is also aerated to allow for better absorption of nutrients, air and water.  Use the turf rake for regularly scarifying.



6 Blade cutting cylinder  C20/C24/ C27/C34/C34E

The 6 blade quick-change cartridge’s cylinder and bottom blade are made of hardened and ground steel. A mower with fewer blades will generally cope better with longer, thicker or damp grass, as there is more room for the clippings to pass through. The type of area you will be cutting will best determine which cylinder is the most appropriate. For example, on a football pitch, the 6 blade would do more than suffice as growth can be longer. However, on golf greens where the grass must be evenly cut, uniform and a shorter length (around 3mm final cut) a 10 blade would be more appropriate.


8 Blade cutting cylinder ( C27/C34/C34E)

Fitting into the 27'' and 34'' mowers only; the 8 bladed cylinder offers a much more superior cut than the 6 blade cartridge. The 8 blade is much more suited to sports such as football and rugby where a pristine high-quality finish is required- we see this cartridge in a lot of the premier league football stadiums where high-quality presentation is paramount. The 8 blade quick-change cartridge’s cylinder and bottom blade are made of hardened and ground steel. 


10 blade with Groomer (C20/C24)

 Made of hardened and ground steel, the 10 blade cutting cylinder and bottom blade produce a super fine, precision-cut perfect for bowling or golfing greens where a smooth lawn surface is essential. The benefits over a groomer, as opposed to the cutting cylinder alone is that the groomer lifts the grass before making a cut, meaning an even more sharp, precise finish. 


10 blade (C20/C24)

The 10 blade cutting cylinder and bottom blade are made of hardened and ground steel. The benefit of a 10 blade over a 6 blade is a finer cut and more cuts per metre meaning more precision. This cylinder is perfect for fine turf sports such as golf, bowls and cricket where you are cutting below 20mm. If you want to achieve a golf green finish you need to be mowing at the lower heights of cut. At lower heights of cut, the standard 6 blade cartridge will not be fine enough to achieve the results you want.  



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