ALLETT User Stories - Stephen Williamson

As a young boy in the 70s I remember watching my great uncle Chris mowing his lawn with a little cylinder mower. Growing up grass was grass to me, I worked on a caravan site for a while using ride on mowers to cut the grass, occasionally I would mow the bowling green with a cylinder mower. In my 30s I bought a house that I extensively altered with some farming land attached to it. My brother in law sowed it with grass and clover seed from a farm he worked at. For many years I kept cutting the lawn and it was a chore to be fair. In my late 40s I started blitzing the odd ugly weed to keep the lawn weed free. I would say that it was at this point I paid attention to the lawn. I got into roses at this time which is another story.

About this time my dad gave me an old Hayter Harrier 56 he bought in 88.I got it going and the lawn journey began. I would spot treat any weeds, then I bought a rotary dethatcher that I used on an old Honda mower I was given. I chucked some seeds down that were sold as quality down as a huge area was moss opened up bare patches. A year or so later I started watching lawn care videos on youtube and I came across the cylinder vs rotary video from Allett Mowers. A good friend of mine had said for some time that if you want a good cylinder mower you should get an Allett. I decided to buy a Kensington 20b based on reviews and a video on YouTube with this chap called Austin 😂
I am massively impressed with all aspects of the machine. It has taken the lawn to the next level and beyond. The cartridge system it tip top, I, knowing what I know now would buy another without hesitation. Allett are in my opinion, the benchmark.
I recently got myself a grooved roller for my Kensington and I cannot stress how well engineered and manufactured it is. Since I bought my Kensington our lawn is much healthier.
I am saving up for a C20 next!