Allett User Stories- Sunny Bermuda (USA)

Allett User Stories- Sunny Bermuda (USA)

We spoke with 'Sunny Bermuda' from the USA about his lawn
Tell me a bit about you and your life- where you’re based , family life, pets, job etc

I’m just your average lawn enthusiast that loves to work on the lawn and garden. I have a wonderful wife, 4 amazing kids, and a little terrier named ‘Honey’. They all enjoy getting outside and working in the lawn and garden, too. Yes, even Honey loves the lawn. We are based in central Alabama, United States.

My first adventure into lawn care was over 30 years ago at the young age of 14. My older brother started a lawn service and I helped him every weekend. I basically ran a Stihl trimmer while he rode the mower. When I graduated high school my brother had quit his lawn service so I started my own. I worked it for 5 years and paid my way through college. The freedom it brought was exhilarating! I worked one day a week and had enough for college tuition and all my expenses. Yes, tuition was much cheaper in the early 90s!

After college graduation I traded in my lawn service for a desk job. Flash forward a couple decades, marriage, kids, and life has finally slowed down enough to enjoy my passion. A couple of years ago I purchased my first reel mower and have thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. That adventure started with the Kensington 20H.

Where did your passion for lawncare come from?

My passion came when I was young, mowing my parents’ yard. I always found satisfaction in cleaning up the pine needles and really enjoyed a smooth mow, much like I do today. We didn’t have a fancy mower, just your basic manual push mower.

Tell me a bit about your lawn journey in terms of renovation - where you started with it- what you’ve done to it, grass type, how often you mow etc

My lawn was completed in 2016 with Bermuda sod, but quickly fell into disarray with little care as a busy life took precedent.

In 2020, life slowed down and I decided I wanted a weed free, beautiful lawn. I got on YouTube and started watching lawn videos. I kid you not, I probably watched every video in existence regarding Bermuda lawns. At the time there were only a couple of Bermuda lawn channels.

With the encouragement of my wife and kids, I started my own branding. That’s when Sunny Bermuda was born. I moved forward with creating web sites, video content, social media profiles, etc.

I’ve made some great friends since starting that include fans, other YouTubers, and companies alike.

My lawn is Bermuda Tifway 419 that came from a local sod supplier near Auburn, Alabama. I routinely cut my lawn around 3 times a week, sometimes more when I have the time. I try to use the turf rake as much as possible as it really improves the quality of the Bermuda. It went from a yard with only a few sprigs left to a lush canopy of turf with just fertilizer and my Allett Kensington (rain helped a lot, too, as I have no irrigation).

What mower do you have? What are your favourite features?

I currently have 3 Allett mowers:

  • Allett Kensington 20H
    • Favorite features include the Honda engine, cartridge system, and light weight for easy manoeuvrability
    • Cartridges:
      • 6 blade reel (2x)
      • 10 blade reel
      • Turf rake (Scarifier)
      • Verticutter
      • Lawn Brush
    • Allett Buckingham 30H with AST
      • Favorite features include the Honda engine, trailing seat, large 30” width, and heavy striping effect
    • Allett C24
      • Favorite features include the Honda engine, heavy weight, two piece aluminium rear roller, and precision height adjustment
      • Cartridges:
        • 10 blade reel with powered groomer
        • Turf rake
        • Powered Brush
        • Powered Verticutter
        • Sorrel Roller

Another impressive feature I like about the Allett is the ease of maintenance and design.

I routinely recommend Allett machines and openly discuss them with anyone interested. I would really like to see Allett grow here in the US and increase their support base with service shops and the like.

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Other things:

I’m currently a Moderator and Group Expert on the Allett Mower Owner Facebook group with over 2,100 members that grows daily.

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