Andy Walker Joins As QSHE & Improvement Manager

Andy Walker Joins As QSHE & Improvement Manager

Our former Quality Manager Andrew Mosedale retired recently. Andy Walker joins us as our QSHE & Improvement Manager. We are excited to have him on board. Lets learn a bit about him!

Tell me a bit about yourself/hobbies/pets etc

    I am married to Michelle and have two daughers. I have 2 cats and Koi in the garden pond. My hobbies are astronomy, gardening and playing dungeons and dragons (member of a local club)

    Tell me a bit about your working life

    I have spent 31 years in the automotive (production) industry starting as a Quality Engineer working my way up to manager-always in Quality.

    What attracted you to Allett as a company?

    I want a challenge. They have a new 5 year plan and I will be able to implement all the things that I have learnt over the years to support this.

    What is your role at Allett going to involve?

    I will be supporting Stuart (Allett's Production Manager) in the re-organisation of the shop floor, i.e. writing new SOP’s, implementing better control of issues, more importantly reacting to issues as raised by our shop floor staff. A 2 year plan involves the implementation of ISO9001 and the installation of a Business Management System – I will be helping to make our manufacturing process more robust for our customers.

    Now for the fun questions:

    Favourite Film:

    Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I am a big Science Fantasy fan.

    Favourite holiday destination:

    The toe of Cornwall but when the masses are not there

    Favourite food if you had to choose one meal:

    Sunday Lunch - Carvery

    Favourite musician/band:

    Queen, but I love all 80’s electric and new romantic – showing my age.

    Fav Sports team:

    Man Utd.

    What famous people would you have around your dinner table and why?

    Don’t want famous people at my table – my family is all I need. Famous people are only doing their job like us.

    Any hidden talents/claim to fames?

    None- what you see is what you get!

    "We are thrilled to welcome Andy to the Allett family. With 31 years of invaluable experience in the automotive industry, Andy brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for quality. Andy will play a crucial role in cultivating a robust manufacturing process for our customers and implementing ISO9001. His alignment with our vision and the excitement for the challenges ahead make him a valuable addition to our team''

    (Austin Jarrett, Managing Director)

    We would like to wish our former Quality Manager Andrew Mosedale a very happy retirement!

    Welcome to Allett Andy!