International Womens Day - Anneka and Maggie Clifton

International Womens Day - Anneka and Maggie Clifton

We spoke with Anneka and Maggie at T&T gardening services about life in the lawncare industry as females. The business is very much a family run business.

What do you like about working in the lawncare industry?

    No two days are ever the same, which certainly keeps it interesting. It’s mentally stimulating, I’m forever learning and I never have to go to the gym after work, which is a bonus! Working for T&T has been a pleasure and Tom has taught me so much so I’ve been lucky. His mentorship has been invaluable offering insights and lessons that have significantly contributed to my personal and professional development.

    Tell me a bit about your business and what you offer?

    T&T Gardening & Landscaping Services are an eco-conscious gardening company with sustainability at the heart. We specialise in maintaining and creating botanic gardens that wouldn’t look out of place at Kew. From regular garden maintenance to full show garden design and planting our team work with the planet in mind to create some of the most stunning and unique gardens, enhancing the ecology and bringing a sense of inspiration to a home. No longer does the “office” need to be lacking greenery. Living walls, green roofs, and bio-diverse break-out spaces all can enhance the business environment and improve the well-being of staff.

    Wherever possible we use electrical operated machinery charged off the vehicle to maximise energy which reduces air and noise pollution whilst protecting the team against over exposure to air pollution. We recycle all garden waste and where possible use the most eco friendly materials.

    Why did you go for the Allett Kensington?

    Not only is it easy to operate, it handles well and the balance on the Kensington makes for easy mobility and light days. It's easy to put into the van after each mow and has the option of the interchangeable cartridges so we can swap out the cutting cylinder quickly to scarify the lawn. As you can see by the photos the results are brilliant!

    What challenges have you faced being a female in the industry?

    Being a male dominated industry it certainly has its challenges and for me it’s all about changing minds and challenging the preconceived notions of ‘what’s possible for women. Landscaping is all about drive and attention to detail and those are two things women seldom lack. I have been very lucky working with T&T and being treated like anyone else.

    What can be done to get more women into the lawncare industry?

    Employers need to keep an open mind about their workforce and how it should look. I think a lot of employers struggle with reliability and tenacity in this day and age and they might find that they are more likely to achieve this criteria in workers if they open up their doors to the other 50% of the population. Women have a lot to offer in the industry and can have super creative minds which helps when planning out garden designs etc.

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    Maggie is the Director of T&T Gardening

    Tell me a bit about your lawncare journey so far

    Well, it’s been a steep learning curve and journey and people that we’ve met along the way have been phenomenal. We couldn’t have done it without all of the customers and suppliers we are lucky to have. The weather is ultimately always the dictator of your day. It’s been scorching hot, it’s been freezing cold but it’s always been great fun.

    Tell me a bit about your business and what you offer?

    T&T offers not just forward thinking lawn care but a forward thinking approach to business. We cater to anything from 30 acre estates to 30 square metre gardens. You can find out all about us here

    Why did you go for the Allett Kensington? What do you like about it? E.g. lightweight, easy to handle, cartridge options etc

    The Kensington is very easy to use, it’s lightweight and with the cartridge system it turns from a lawn mower to a scarifier etc. So when you’re in a hurry and space is an issue just one machine does it all and does it well. The balance and mobility is perfect and it's easy to turn at the end of the lawn and fits through any garden gates nicely.

    What can be done to get more women into the lawncare industry?

    There needs to be a positive attitude towards women in the industry. They are just as capable of doing the job. Younger people coming into the trade need encouragement and positive reinforcement. This starts with challenging outdated stereotypes and promoting a positive attitude towards women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

    Increased support towards women could involve mentorship programs, networking opportunities and access to resources that help them navigate potential challenges and build confidence in their abilities. There are some good women's gardening and lawncare groups on social media now for women to join and exchange advice.

    Training and educational initiatives specifically tailored to women interested in lawncare could help bridge any existing skill gaps and ensure equal access to opportunities for advancement within the industry. By actively promoting diversity and inclusion the lawncare sector can tap into a broader talent pool and benefit from the unique perspectives and talents that women bring to the table.

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