Allett Mowers Battery C34Evolution

C34 (Petrol) V C34E (Battery)

We have recently launched the Allett C34E battery powered cartridge machine here at Allett. We are going to explain the differences between the C34 petrol machine and the C34E battery powered machine and the benefits of switching to battery power. Lets start with a few of the similarities;
  • Both a 34'' cut
  • Both allow you to interchange cartridges for a wide range of turf tasks
  • Front and rear roller- NO WHEEL MARKS!
  • Moulded plastic grassbox with steel reinforcing strip
  • Both take a 6/8 bladed cylinder
  • Both produce amazing Allett stripes
Allett C34 The Allett C34 is our 34'' petrol powered cartridge machine taking ALL the Allett cartridges.The Allett C-34 machine (part of our professional mowers range) delivers a wide range of professional turf maintenance functions from a single pedestrian controlled machine to suit all maintained turf areas. This machine is powered by a Honda GX200 engine. We chose this engine due to its reliability and after receiving feedback from groundsmen. The height of cut range from this machine is 8-55mm which allows versatility. The machine is fitted with a 3 piece rear rubberised rear roller with steel differential gears. A plain steel front roller is fitted as standard however there is the option of a grooved front roller. This machine is popular within football and rugby clubs where a precision cut is required leaving a pristine finish. The C34 saves thousands of pounds on buying individual machines for the various turf tasks using just one unit.
C34E Battery Powered Cartridge Machine- Hazlegrove
Times are changing and in MAY 2019 we launched our C34Evolution at Twickenham. We had already converted some of our homeowner machines into battery powered units and realised these would be highly popular in the sports clubs as they look to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Clubs could save thousands of pounds on fuel bills each year whilst reducing hand arm vibrations for the operators and getting rid of harmful emissions. Sports clubs around the world are diversifying to bring in more money for example hotels being integrated into grounds and meeting rooms being used for functions during the day- all which called for reduced noise levels. Powered by an 82V system the C34E is the quietest Allett mower yet at just 84dB sound power level (4metre hemisphere) or 71dB at the operators ear. The first 20 customers would become ALLETT PIONEERS offering feedback in the design stage to make any changes before going into FULL production in the Autumn. Pioneers include Premier League football clubs, private schools and colleges, universities, Swedish football clubs and American war graves amongst others. Additional features of the C34E compared to the C34 are as follows
  • Powered by an 82V 6Ah system- 4 batteries- however the machine can be used with just one
  • Variable speed control of the cylinder and roller
  • Optional built in backlapping- simply attached the cable and press a button- saves valuable man hours!
  • Touch button control to give instant speed reduction for controlled turning and maneuvering around obstacles.
  • EASY height of cut change- click mechanism (like C20/C24 range machines)
  • Push button start!
Advantages of switching to battery power
  • Save thousands per year in fuel costs
  • No engine maintenance issues
  • NO harmful emissions that the operator breathes in
  • Reduced noise levels
  • No spillage issues
  • Use batteries in other products too e.g. leaf blowers/ strimmers/ future Allett battery mowers
  • No need to store fuel on premises
  • LOWER HAND ARM vibrations
  • Meet clubs sustainability policies
  • Batteries can charged off renewable energy sources
  • Built in backlapping in the C34E
  • GPS technology in the batteries- connect the battery to your phone via an app and check its location/ battery power etc (Bluetooth technology)
What's not to like!! A recent study by Keele University identified that 'a number of pollutants emitted from small scale internal combustion engines can potentially cause impact to human health, through both short and long-term exposure. The use of Li-ion batteries for the described application will seek to mitigate against all health and environmental concerns related to lawn mower application, given that at the point of use the lawn mower will have zero emissions to the environment' Read all about the C34Evolution HERE Find a video on the features of the C34E Find a testimonial video from Hazlegrove Prep School here