Pioneer Day Customer Focus - Hazlegrove Prep School Go Green

Customer Focus - Hazlegrove Prep School Go Green

Launched back in May 2019, the Allett C34E is the height of lawn mowing technology. The latest Lithium Ion system battery technology drives the future of mowing systems for sports stadiums, training grounds and prestige lawns, without compromise and with all the attributes of the Allett heritage. The C34E is the perfect mower for sports stadiums, training pitches and prestige, high-quality lawns. Noise levels are low with the C34E allowing users to mow at all times of the day around populated areas without disturbance. Not only is the C34E quiet, but it is also environmentally friendly. We have been able to eliminate the need to use petrol to power the mower, meaning an environmentally friendly cut and no requirement to store petrol. Users also avoid the chances of any spillage of petrol on their freshly cut lawns and sports fields. Unlike other electric mowers, the C34E does not come with a cable and doesn’t need plugging into the mains to use. The user has complete freedom when using the C34E and users can mow using just one of the four batteries. Charge time is approximately one hour which is perfect timing for a lunch break! The 82V (6Ah) system is powerful enough to deliver the performance required to drive the cartridge system for year-round professional multiple task turf maintenance. Hazlegrove are one of our Allett Pioneers that have been involved in adaptations to the machine ahead of full production.

Hazlegrove Prep School

Graham Kitley - Hazlegrove Prep School
Based in Somerset, Hazlegrove Preparatory School is a thriving, diverse school which helps children flourish. The school has around 360 students in attendance every year and has a wide range of subjects for students to participate in, including sports and forest school. Recently, the team at Hazlegrove Prep School purchased an Allett C34E, and we were able to catch up with head groundsman Graham Kitley to find out what he thinks about the C34E. How many sports fields, grassed areas do you look after? We have 2 main fields plus a smaller cricket ground and a 6 hole golf course. The fields split into 5 rugby in the winter and 5 cricket pitches in the summer, with athletics and rounders dotted around the grounds. You’ve recently purchased an Allett C34E, can you talk through the reasons why you bought this model over other mowers. What features and benefits does the C34E bring? We bought the C34E because we wanted something quiet and green, we wanted to show that we are moving with the times, looking after the user as well. Hand-arm vibration and noise pollution are all harmful, so this machine is perfect. We already have 2 other Allett cylinder mowers so I knew I would be purchasing something well made. There are other machines, but for me, this felt well made, strong, with a big box, and larger handles make it easy to handle. The little button to slow walking pace is also convenient when turning. Why did you choose battery power? Battery power enables me to save money on fuel, time on someone going to buy fuel, and I can use the batteries in other equipment. It all just saves time and money.Allett Uplift 86 You also have an Uplift 86E, it seems like you like the Allett brand, why do you choose Allett Mowers over other brands? I have always used Allett, the mowers have served me well, the price is more than competitive against others, easy to use, and it’s all simple as well. All my team choose Allet over competitors on demo. Any advice for anyone looking to buy a new mower? The uplift is a perfect machine to box larger areas that are maybe not even enough to cylinder mow, it saves me time overusing our smaller rotary mowers, the stripe is so much stronger with this machine. Check out the C34E in action at Hazlegrove on YouTube If you want to find out more about the C34E we have plenty of information here. If you want to visit your local Allett dealer, use our dealer locator today.