Allett Mowers Have A Successful Week at BBC Gardeners World LIve: Showcasing our Impressive Range of Homeowner Cylinder Mowers

Allett Mowers Have A Successful Week at BBC Gardeners World LIve: Showcasing our Impressive Range of Homeowner Cylinder Mowers

We had an exceptional time at the prestigious BBC Gardeners World Live event this month leaving both old and new customers impressed by our range of British made cylinder mowers. The presence of esteemed lawn expert Richard Salmon further elevated the experience for our customers as he shared his invaluable knowledge and insights with visitors to our stand.

At this year's event we exhibited our range of homeowner models. The Allett Liberty 35 and Liberty 43 captured the attention of gardening enthusiasts with their cordless convenience, powerful cutting performance, and exceptional versatility. These models are perfect for smaller to medium-sized lawns offering a remarkable blend of efficiency and ease of use. They are both powered by a Greenworks battery that can be used in other lawncare tools and both take a range of cartridges. We had a range of cartridges on our stand for customers to look at for the organic approach to lawncare.

For those seeking a more professional-grade cylinder mower the Allett Stirling powered by a 56v Ego battery made a striking impression. Its precision cutting, robust build, and enhanced manoeuvrability make it an ideal choice for maintaining a lawn that mirrors that of sporting stadiums. With its wide cutting width the Stirling can handle larger areas with ease while maintaining the utmost accuracy. The ultra-change cartridge system was a crowd pleaser on the stand with the cartridge being swapped in less than 15 seconds.

The Allett Kensington and Allett Buckingham models, both known for their unparalleled quality and superb craftsmanship were showcased to demonstrate our commitment to providing exceptional mowing experiences. The Kensington offers excellent performance for lawns of all sizes ensuring a perfectly striped finish, while the Buckingham takes it a step further with additional features and an increased cutting width making it suitable for larger lawns. The Buckingham always catches the eye of the old Atco Royale users from many years ago and a trailing seat can be added to save the users legs.

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of Richard Salmon at the Allett Mowers stand on Friday. Richard is one of the UK's leading lawn experts and will be a familiar face to those that attended our first ever Allett Lawn Academy. Visitors had the privilege of engaging with Richard and benefiting from his extensive knowledge and experience in lawn care. Richard provided invaluable advice that left attendees feeling empowered to transform their own lawn when they got home.

The event provided a unique opportunity for the Allett team to interact with customers, both longstanding and newly acquainted. The chance to meet face-to-face allowed us to foster stronger relationships with our loyal customers while also welcoming new enthusiasts into the Allett Mowers community. Visitors had the chance to share their experiences, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the benefits that Allett Mowers bring to their lawn care routines.

A massive thanks to all those that visited us at our stand. Our next show will be SALTEX in November which is aimed at the Sports/Turf professionals.