Getting Your Lawn Mower Serviced Ahead of Winter

Getting Your Lawn Mower Serviced Ahead of Winter

If you want your lawn mower to last you years to come it's important to get it serviced regularly. This is especially important if you plan on using it during the winter months which some of our customers do.

The first thing to do when you finish the mowing season is power down your mower. This includes removing any batteries if you have an Allett Liberty or Stirling mower as well as removing the safety key. Making sure your batteries are kept in good condition is vital. Keeping them in an area which is either too hot, cold or damp for the batteries will only affect their health and could lead to you having to invest in replacement batteries once Spring comes. So make sure to remove your batteries/charger and store them somewhere safe over winter- ideally in the house.

You need to be draining the fuel if you have a petrol machine. Leaving petrol to sit around in the tank of your lawn mower for a few months can only lead to the petrol becoming stale and the engine possibly getting clogged so make sure to drain your tank so you don't have to deal with fuel tank issues the first time you come to cut your grass in Spring. You can also use ASPEN which can be left in your mower over winter without issues. You can find advice on how to drain your engines fuel tank in your mower's manual. The oil should then be changed every 50 hours or at the end of each season before storage, whichever is sooner.

Cleaning Your Mower

Now that the batteries/petrol have been removed from your mower it is time to take a look at your mower and give it a good clean to keep it both looking fresh but also protecting its most important components. This could include brushing away any mud from the underside of your mower to very gently remove any blades of grass which are stuck to the blades of the cylinder. Completing these essential steps help keep your mower running effectively. A soft brush or cloth would work well for the paintwork- we would recommend against using water around the electrics. Pay particular attention to the cooling fins on the end of the motor and charger. If the grass box or interchangeable cutting cartridge are removed from the lawnmower they may be cleaned with water from a hose. Lubricate the cutting cylinder with a light oil (WD40) to displace any water after cleaning and when storing at the end of the season. Remember to wear gloves. Now might be a good time to check you have all of your screws and they are tightened well. You can also make sure your cable clips are still keeping your cables tidy. Check for obvious defects such as a loose, dislodged or damaged blade, loose fixings, and worn or damaged components. Check that covers and guards are undamaged and correctly fitted. Remove all debris, especially from around the motor. Check your cylinder is cutting paper all the way across the blade- if it doesn't you may need to check your cylinder to bottom blade adjustment or get your blades sharpened. Blunt or dull blades will adversely affect cutting performance and battery life. We advise you contact your local Allett dealer who will complete an annual service on your mower.


The cost of a lawn mower service will depend on the type of mower you have and the extent of the service. Basic services on a petrol cylinder mower will usually include;

1) An oil change- To ensure the oil retains the correct viscosity and moving parts of the engine are lubricated correctly

2) Checking the spark plug/change if necessary

3) Remove air filter and clean out the housing- replace filter with a new one

4) Remove carb bowl and drain the fuel- fuel will go off within 30 days unless using Aspen

5) Remove drive side-guard to check gears and belts- replace if necessary

6) Check drive buffer is fully tightened and the drive from the engine is working correctly

7) Check the cutting cylinder for stone damage- sharpen to cut paper. Blunt blades will damage your grass.

8) Check front and rear rollers for play in the bearings

9) Check height adjuster is working correctly

10) Check recoil rope is fully working/ other cables are moving freely. Check drive/ blade engagement and throttle. Check for grass residue in recoil housing.

We advise you to get in touch with your local dealer to see what they offer within their service packages. If you have a battery mower it is still a good idea to get it looked at yearly to check it is in full working order. The components will need checking and it will need a good clean to ensure there is no grass debris in areas where it shouldn't be.

You can find our video here with Stuart from Congleton Garden Machinery who talks through the servicing process on an Allett petrol cylinder mower.

If you're not sure what type of service your lawn mower needs, it's always a good idea to consult your owner's manual. This will give you a good idea of what needs to be done and how often. Once you've found your local Allett Dealer that you're comfortable with, make sure to ask about their warranty policy. Most lawn mower service providers will offer a warranty on their work.

Now that you know what needs to be done, it's time to schedule your lawn mower service. This is usually a pretty straightforward process. You'll just need to choose a date and time that works for you and your Allett dealer. We suggest getting this done before spring when our dealers hit their peak business time. It's important to note that you may have to leave your lawn mower with the dealer for a day or two. This is usually the case for more extensive services. If this is the case, make sure you have a backup plan in place. You don't want to be without a lawn mower during the spring rush! This is the perfect time to get it done now so this isn't an issue for you.

In general, getting your lawn mower serviced before winter is a good way to protect your investment and ensure that it will be able to provide you with years of service.The dealer will log the service history for you which helps increase the value of your mower when you come to upgrade

Find your local Allett dealer here and get your mower serviced ahead of Christmas.