How Can We Attract More Women Into The Lawncare/ Grounds Industry?

How Can We Attract More Women Into The Lawncare/ Grounds Industry?

The lawn care/grounds industry is a predominantly male-dominated field with women comprising only a small percentage of the workforce. However, with the increasing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable lawn care practices, it is essential to have a diverse workforce that includes women. Women bring unique perspectives, ideas, and skills to the industry, making it more innovative, inclusive, and successful. Here are some ways to encourage and attract more women to the lawn care industry:

  1. Create an inclusive culture: Companies need to create a welcoming and inclusive culture that encourages women to join the industry. They can do this by promoting gender diversity, providing equal opportunities, and establishing a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment.

  2. Provide training and education: Many women may not have the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the lawn care / groundsmanship industry. Providing training and education opportunities, such as internships, apprenticeships, and mentorship programs, can help bridge this gap. Some women may be more comfortable attending women's only courses.

  3. Highlight women's success stories: Magazines are full of photos of male gardeners and groundsmen etc. We need to celebrate and promote successful women in the lawn care industry. By showcasing women's achievements, companies can inspire and motivate other women to pursue a career in this field. It's super easy to use social media nowadays to create reels etc with female groundskeepers etc. If you can't see it you can't be it!

  4. Offer flexible work arrangements: Many women may have family or caregiving responsibilities that require them to work flexible hours. Offering flexible work arrangements, such as part-time or remote work options, can help attract and retain women in the industry.

  5. Use gender-neutral language in job postings: The language used in job postings can affect who applies for a job. Using gender-neutral language can help attract a more diverse pool of candidates, including women.

  6. Partner with organisations: Lawn care companies can partner with organisations that support women in non-traditional industries. These partnerships can help create a pipeline of qualified and motivated women to fill positions in the industry.

  7. Highlight the benefits of working in the industry: Many women may not consider the lawn care industry as a viable career option. By highlighting the benefits of working in lawn care, such as job security, opportunities for growth, and the ability to work outdoors, companies can attract more women to the industry.

  8. Contact local schools and invite them down to your sports club for the day. Children have to see it to be it. If they can get down to your local club and see that there is a great career to be made out of being a groundswoman this will be a great start in getting them interested early in their lives.

In conclusion, getting more women involved in the lawn care industry is not only essential for gender diversity but also for the industry's success. By creating an inclusive culture, providing training and education opportunities, highlighting women's success stories, offering flexible work arrangements, using gender-neutral language in job postings, partnering with organisations, and highlighting the benefits of working in lawn care, companies can attract and retain more women in the industry.