International Womens Day- Carlie Lambert- Worcestershire Cricket Club

International Womens Day- Carlie Lambert- Worcestershire Cricket Club

We spoke with Worcestershire County Cricket Club's Carlie Lambert who is a young up and coming groundswoman paving the way for other girls wanting to get into the industry.

Carlie pictured (right)

Tell us a bit about yourself

Im a Level 2 Sports Turf Operative Apprentice at Worcestershire Cricket Club. I have been surrounded by the industry my whole life because of my dad who was Head Groundsman at Gloucester Rugby. I went to work with him one day and fell in love with the job. I wasn't that interested at first and didn't see it as a career option but then I started doing it, loved it, and it went from there. I was a seasonal helper at Worcestershire Cricket Ground and then in the November they made me an apprentice.

Have you ever faced any challenges as a female in the industry?

Not many other than a few comments here and there from people who don’t agree with me working in the industry- usually the older male fans at cricket games asking me why i’m using the tractor. I sometimes find it hard to fit in and feel included. Other than that it’s been a great experience and I have met loads of amazing people and learnt a lot.

What can be done to get more women and girls into the industry?

To get more people into the industry they really need to look at what they’re praying people because no one can afford to live on the wages they’re paying at the moment. People have to then get a second job to make up for it but they love doing what they’re doing. I think pay is the main issue and the fact that people don’t want to give up their summers to work at a cricket club they’d rather be partying or on the beach. I think people need to have experience days or something like that it needs to be talked about more and schools need to tell their students that these jobs exist

You recently took part in the All-female grounds team at Edgbaston and Arsenal. Tell us a bit about it

I’ll start with Edgbaston, this was the first all female grounds team that we did and it was for the women’s ashes what an incredible experience it was. I already work in cricket so knew the basics but I learnt so much more doing that and to meet other women in the industry was amazing. I didn’t know there was any other females in the industry really. There still needs to be more, the numbers need to increase! It’s important to attract young girls because I hope the ones watching at home or in the stands thought I want to do that one day. ''Oh my god they’re on the pitch look they did that how amazing would that be to do that''. I want people to think like that and I hope what we did shows that women can do it and shows that it’s a fun job to have!

What advice would you give to young women and girls wanting to get into the industry?

If you love the outdoors and the sunshine then consider it it’s an amazing job to have you get to meet so many incredible people and cutting grass is really satisfying!

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