Celebrating International Women's Day: Meet Louise, Our Logistics Controller Breaking Stereotypes in the Lawn Mower Manufacturing Industry at Allett Mowers

Celebrating International Women's Day: Meet Louise, Our Logistics Controller Breaking Stereotypes in the Lawn Mower Manufacturing Industry at Allett Mowers

In honour of International Women's Day, we introduce you to Louise, the Logistics Controller at Allett Mowers. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Louise shares her experience and advice for women looking to enter the manufacturing industry. Discover how she breaks stereotypes, manages inventory, and works alongside her team to ensure the efficient movement of goods and materials in the cylinder mower manufacturing industry.

Have You Got Any Hobbies?

''My hobbies are my horses. I enjoy biking and I've been learning to box . I'm always up for trying new things''

What Does Louise's Day Look Like?

Louise's day starts by checking the schedule for the day and ensuring that all the necessary raw materials and components are available in the warehouse. As an assistant, she supports the Goods-In Supervisor in overseeing the work of the warehouse operatives. As part of her role Louise uses a fork lift daily and has passed all her training on this.

One of the challenges of working in a male-dominated industry is breaking stereotypes and proving that women are equally capable of handling physically demanding tasks. Louise is no stranger to this challenge, and she works tirelessly alongside her team to ensure that all goods are received, inspected, and stored correctly.

Apart from supporting the Goods-In Supervisor in day-to-day operations Louise also plays an important role in maintaining inventory accuracy and ensuring that stock levels are sufficient to meet the demands of production. She works closely with the team to ensure that the warehouse is organised and efficient. Louise takes pride in her work and is eager to take on new challenges. She believes that women have a lot to offer in the manufacturing industry and that more women should consider a career in this industry. Her dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to others around the factory.

Have You Had Any Challenges In the Industry?

''I've found a few things challenging at Allett since I've been here but with the help and support of my team, we are ready for anything. We have seen massive growth in the business over the last couple of years and this means more materials coming through the doors and more mowers going out. I have never been treated any differently being the only female in the Allett factory. I get on with everyone and I have found the males will help me out whenever I need it- we all work together well as a great team''

What Advice Would You Give to Females Wanting To Get Into Manufacturing?

The advice I would give to all women is to chase your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't because you're a woman .Be confident and believe in your abilities and don't let any stereotypes or biases hold you back. Be confident in your skills and qualifications and don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions in the workplace. Working in Goods-In is a fast paced diverse and rewarding career path offering many opportunities for growth and development.

Embrace your strengths and abilities. Women can excel in the manufacturing industry and make valuable contributions to their organisations.

Louise's brother James also works at Allett as our Test & Development Engineer