Quality and maintenance engineer Jakub Gaher

Introducing our new Quality and Maintenance Engineer Jakub Gaher

We at Allett Mowers pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality, British-made precision cylinder and rotary mowers for the home garden as well as manufacturing machines to suit sports clubs' budgets from grassroots, to some of the biggest stadiums around the world. To continue our delivery of high quality cylinder and rotary mowers we have recently employed a brand new Quality and Maintenance Engineer. Jakub Gaher has joined us as our new ”˜Quality and Maintenance Engineer”™ as of 16th January 2017. Jakub”™s role will involve focusing on internal quality and maintenance with an electrical bias. He will aim to uphold and improve the quality standard for all manufactured and bought in components to ensure Allett products are manufactured with the best materials that will ensure a long lasting life. Jakub will give training and guidance to machine operators and assembly line workers to ensure that they are working under strict quality guidelines. It is also important that we at Allett listen to feedback from customers requirements - and Jakub will look to ensure these requirements are met. He will also work alongside the purchasing department to ensure that Allett are using the best suppliers that manufacturer high quality materials. Any warranty claims received will be thoroughly evaluated to target areas for improvement and to minimise these warranty claims. “We recognise that quality is a pillar in our business and we want to make sure any product carrying the Allett brand matches our customers high expectations. We know Jakub will be an invaluable member of the team and we are looking forward to an exciting future” John Gittins (Engineering Manager at Allett Mowers/TurfMech) Jakub is originally from Slovakia and has lived in the UK for 4 years. He has over 10 years of Leadership and Operation Management skills and has a good understanding of process improvement and quality of production. “I am very much looking forward to working for Allett - they have a history of manufacturing high quality British cylinder mowers. My role will help ensure the quality of their products is maintained and their reputation for quality continues to be upheld in the future" (Jakub Gaher)