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Here at Allett, we're not only professionals in the production of high quality professional cylinder mowers for our Professional Mower Range, but we've also learnt a thing or two about how to manage a cricket pitch in our time. So this Spring, with it being cricket season, we're sharing our handy tips and tricks on how to best cater for your cricket ground throughout the season. We're currently the supplier of cylinder and rotary mowers to some of the most famous sports grounds, worldwide. We provide only the best quality of mower, so that we can ensure that all groundsmen ( and women) are working with the right machine for their individual application. The weather is changeable at this time of the year. Try not to get on your ground if it is wet as you will do more damage trying to work in these conditions. Most groundsman work on a 12 day preparation period for each pitch. Find more details on PitchCares diary here.

 Spring is finally here . As many of our professional readers will know, Spring is the most important season of the year when it comes to caring for your cricket pitch. After the long, bleak and (at times) very icy winter is over, your ground will inevitably need some TLC and a little special attention because giving your cricket grounds the care it needs in spring will help ensure supple and strong grounds for the remainder of the year. To begin, it's always beneficial to clear any debris from the grounds that may cause havoc with your cricket mower. We'd always recommend giving your mower a good look over too, to make sure that everything is as it should be and will run smoothly after being out of action for the majority of the cold winter. You could do this yourself, or for a more thorough inspection, we'd recommend that you get in touch with your nearest Allett Dealer to give your machine a proper service to ensure that everything is in working order.


Recommended for Wickets/Square - SHAVER

The Allett Shaver cylinder mower, a beautifully-balanced fine turf mower, is a great choice for cricket wickets, bowls and golf clubs requiring a precision-cut cylinder mower that is easy to use, simple to maintain and a delight to operate. The Shaver is perfect for wickets due to its precise cutting height.

Product Overview:

  • Honda GX120 engine
  • 51cm - 61cm (20” or 24”) cutting width
  • Ten-blade cylinder
  • 2.4mm - 19mm (0.1“ to 0.75”) cut height
  • Easy click height of cut change- no tools

Find a video of Knypersley CC groundsman Paul Bates discussing the Allett Shaver here


Recommended for Wickets/Square - Tournament

Perfect for creating optimum cuts, comprising a series of closely-spaced vertical blades, the rotating grooming reel lifts lateral growth and “runners” ensuring that all of the grass being mown is presented to the cutting cylinder in the correct manner. The result is a consistently even and level finish that will be appreciated for sports where the roll and run of the ball are key. The Tournament is very similar to the Shaver however it has a fixed groomer attached to lift lateral growth. Product Overview Allett tournament cricket mower
  • Honda GX120 (20”), Honda GX160 (24”) engines
  • 51cm - 61cm (20” or 24”) cutting width
  • Ten-blade cylinder
  • 2.4mm - 19mm (0.1“ to 0.75”) cut height - Easy click adjustment (no tools)
  • Adjustable handlebars with anti-vibration mountings
  • Grassbox with moulded plastic and steel reinforced strip

Find a video explaining why the Allett Tournament is the perfect machine for cricket here


Recommended for Wickets/Square - C20/C24

The Allett C Range cylinder mowers are perfect for sports pitches with finer turf surface, and so is a fantastic choice for cricket wickets and squares. The machine comes with adjustable handlebars, and the capability to switch cartridges, meaning you can mow, brush, scarify or roll all with one machine! You can put the brush cartridge in during the half time break to brush the wicket clear of debris. The C20/C24 is also ideal for cutting the wicket with a height of cut from 2.4mm-19mm which enables great  versatility and cost saving.

c20 cricket mower

Product Overview:

  • Honda GX160
  • 51cm - 61cm (20” or 24”) cutting width
  • Ten-blade cylinder
  • Interchangeable cartridge system- many tasks with just one machine
  • Pneumatic transport wheels for travelling over car parks etc
  • HOC 2.4mm-29mm- Easy click HOC adjustment

Find a video on the C24 here with Graham Kitley who uses the mower for his wickets at Hazlegrove Prep School 


Recommended for Outfields- Allett Regal


Known as the groundsman's favourite around the world, we can't forget the Regal mower. With power steering and independent braking, you have incredible control of the machine and turn ability. It's cutting width is what makes the machine perfect for cricket outfields and this mower is used to cut the outfields at Lords and Edgbaston amongst others. Available in a 36'' or 42'' model.

Allett Regal mower


Product Overview:

    • Honda GX340 engine
    • 91.4cm - 106.7cm (36” or 42”) cutting width
    • Power assisted steering
    • 6 blade cylinder
    • Hydrostatic drive
    • HOC 6.5mm to 44.5mm
    • Fix a trailing seat to mow up to speeds of 8mph
    • Empty the grassbox from your seat
    • Find a testimonial video with GLODWICK CC here 


Recommended for Wicket- Westminster 20H (For clubs with smaller budgets)

The Allett Westminster20H is a great option as a wicket mower if your club has a smaller budget. It has a fixed grass rake that stands up lateral growth which is ideal. Lateral grasses on a wicket will effect ball bounce. Find a video on the Allett Westminster here 


Product Overview:
  • Self Propelled 20'' cylinder mower
  • No cartridges
  • 196cc Honda GX200 easy start unleaded petrol engine- recoil start 
  • 3.1-litre fuel tank
  • 51cm (20”, 508mm) cutting width
  • Twelve-bladed cutting cylinder
  • 145 cuts per metre
  • HOC 2.4mm – 19mm
  • 84 litre grassbox 
  • Fixed grass rake- adjustable 
  • Zinc plated steel front roller
  • Double section aluminium rear roller 
  • Variable height positions. Bale bar for cylinder and/or roller drive
  • Ideal for ornamental lawns or low cut sports surfaces e.g. cricket wickets/bowling greens
  • 92kg
  • 2 year parts and labour 
  • Find a video on the Allett Westminster at Milford Hall CC here 

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