Steve with homeowner range mower

Steve's Success!

Senior Dev & Test Engineer Gains Professional IEng Qualifications Allett always like to share their success stories, and this month is no different as our senior development and test engineer gains professional IEng qualifications! Scroll down to read all about August's big achievement. Our very own Senior Development & Test Engineer has gained his professional IEng qualifications, which really demonstrates his commitment to his work, the development of our cylinder lawn mower ranges and our company. On his recent achievements, Steve said:
“This has been a very rewarding process giving me the important framework in my career progression, providing the skills, experience and confidence in key decision making, demonstrating that I have the ability to take on further responsibility while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Allett have been very supportive throughout this process, appreciating the value of professional registration they have allowed me to take on a variety of projects to gain the required competencies.”
Amongst many requirements, to gain his IEng Qualifications Steve had to demonstrate that:
  • He was able to use specialist engineering knowledge of existing and emerging technology. He did this by using a theoretic and evidence-based approach to the use of current and evolving technology in practice within the industry, and showed he was able to contribute towards continuous improvement by creating a variety of life testing rigs for our cylinder lawn mower range of machinery, and understand where improvements are required.
  • He applied this knowledge to design and develop new cylinder lawn mowers. The new Allett Liberty range introduced new technologies and equipment to the company which required a critical testing analysis and investigations to ensure the design was to be a market leading product.
  • He could demonstrate technical and commercial management skills, by demonstrating his ability to plan for projects whilst considering budget, people and resources, manage teams and staff members in order to meet requirements, showing continuous quality improvement of machines. Being a senior member of our team, Steve has had more than sufficient experience with managing teams. Steve interviewed and choose an applicant for a Test Operative role, and managed the worker through the time he was with the company, planning his day to day schedule. He developed his knowledge of the equipment and what he wanted to achieve from the project. This project gave Steve experience in creating and advertising a specific role, interviewing applicants, writing health & safety contracts, setting working contracts, salaries, and managing people. This project was not originally a planned aspect of Steve’s role, but as he is striving to develop his career, he used this as strong motivation towards his continued professional development.
Cylinder Lawn Mower development Steve is looking forward to future successes and is excited to delve in to future projects, applying his new skill set along with his previous experience and knowledge, to ensure that Allett Mowers consistently provide continuously developing machinery and technologies to our lawn fanatics and groundskeepers - so that you can create a lawn stripe more crisp and accurate than ever before!
“Going forward, I wish to take on more challenging projects involving new technologies in order to help the growth of the business and my own personal development.”
Steve also received some glowing feedback from Allett’s fantastic CEO, Austin Jarrett:
I am so proud of Steve. This is no mean feat. This requires commitment and hard work which is so admired in this company. Steve’s contributions to the development of the products we produce now and in the future are so important. His continued professional development is important to him, the Allett business and our customers. Well done Steve.”
Looking forward to the future of mowing technology, or are keen to browse our current selection of cylinder lawn mowers? Check out our Homeowner and Professional ranges here and get in touch with interest!