Allett at STMA 2017

STMA 2017

From January 24th to January the 27th, Roland Hall (Allett USA CEO) and Austin Jarrett (Allett MD) were proudly showcasing the Allett brand at the 2017 STMA (Sports Turf Managers Association). The STMA Annual Conference & Exhibition allows members to share information with other successful members of the sports turf industry, at exciting locations. Visitors to the show attended educational seminars, hands on workshops and got to experience some of the latest technology on display (as well as ours!). Groundskeepers were also able to tour professional, college and municipal facilities, which offered a range of valuable insights into venues and the latest mower technology. At Allett, we always strive to achieve the best machine, the best cut”¦ and the best lawn stripes! This is why we believe it is so important to attend events such as the STMA Annual Conference & Exhibition and be proud members of the Sports Turf Managers Association, which was formed in 1981 by a group of like-minded individuals who collectively believed that sports turf could be improved through the sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas. Along with USA-based Roland Hall, our very own Allett MD Austin Jarrett made the long trip out to Florida to work alongside Roland, promoting the Allett brand at the show. We received a lot of exciting enquiries whilst we were there, from a variety of sports turf managers ranging from local parks to huge sporting arenas. As we”™re sure you know by now, our Allett machines were bespokely developed for both small and large scale lawns and sports pitches, so we were able to advise the best machine for each individual and venue. With creative and aesthetically pleasing lawn stripes being almost part of the criteria of high class groundskeeping for sports pitches and sports stadiums, the Allett cylinder mowers (or reel mowers as they”™re more frequently known in America) are a perfect match. Our Allett mowers are famous for their striping capabilities, as they are fitted with both front and rear rollers which aid striping and allow for a much more uniform and crisp lawn stripe. Cylinder mowers, by their very design, give a much closer cut to the lawn - from as low as 2.4mm, up to 44.5mm. As an added advantage, the C Range machine in the Allett Professional range comes with an interchangeable cutting cylinder, which can be easily replaced by a variety of lawnmower accessories in the form of easily changeable cartridges, for a variety of turf maintenance jobs such as removing thatch, aeration, and scarification. During the show, Allett USA ran a competition to win a Yeti cool-box . The winner of this years prize was Jason Kruse from the University of Florida (See above image right). Visitors at the show dropped their business cards into the box during the show and a winner was picked at random- well done Jason! Upon his return, Austin Jarrett (Allett Mowers MD) said: “The show was excellent and a great opportunity to showcase the Allett Range in America to a rapidly growing Baseball, American football and Soccer market. We exhibited at the show back in 2015 when the market hadn”™t seen cylinder machines like ours. After 2 years of hard work by Roland Hall at Allett USA and sales in some of the country”™s top Baseball clubs customers were visiting the Allett USA stand recognising not only the brand but the products themselves. The machines have seen great levels of success from users in America and have enabled groundskeepers to achieve great striping effects to showcase their hard work to a large TV audience. The interchangeable cartridge system is a new and effective way of removing thatch and creating healthier longer lasting turf” Find a brochure on the STMA conference here!