Sustainable Manufacturing:  Allett Mowers Partner With Atlas Coating To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Manufacturing: Allett Mowers Partner With Atlas Coating To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reducing environmental impact through local partnerships

With net zero targets a key consideration for all businesses and a focus being put on reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing industry, we are proud to have been able to partner with Alpha Manufacturing/Atlas Coatings in Hixon.

Situated only a stone’s throw from our Hixon HQ, Alpha Manufacturing are a proud British company with a strong family heritage just like ourselves. In November we joined forces and Atlas Coating now powder coat our range of homeowner mowers, such as the market-leading Buckingham and Kensington models.

At the heart of Atlas Coating is their sustainable ethos. Their commitment to reducing their environmental impact whilst achieving industry leading quality, is reflected across their entire operation, from processes to materials, equipment and packaging. Their innovative five-stage pre-treatment process utilises Oxsilan; an organic based solution, as opposed to more harmful Zinc or Phosphate alternatives used by many powder coaters. This allows us to significantly reduce our environmental impact, whilst still offering unbeatable corrosion protection and durability.

Their environmental ethos, along with geographical proximity and production efficiency are just some of the many advantages of the Atlas and Allett partnership, as Michael Whitfield, Atlas Coating Commercial Manager explains: “Our companies have a lot in common, not only in mutual locality but in our roots as British manufacturers; our family-owned heritage, commitment to quality and sustainable manufacturing goals are all commonly held values upon which we run our respective businesses.

“By taking advantage of our geographical proximity, we are able to support Allett with reducing the carbon footprint on their range of homeowner mowers, as well as increase production efficiency, meaning their products are delivered faster and more sustainably.”

Allett Production and Purchasing Manager, Dave Gibbons, said: “We pride ourselves on our relationships with our suppliers as well as the quality of our products, so partnering with Atlas Coating was a no brainer for us. Atlas have a reputation for quality, and we weren’t disappointed when we saw the finished results.

“The fact that Atlas not only use a more environmentally friendly powder coating but that the whole process significantly reduces our carbon footprint whilst supporting a fellow local business is fantastic.

“As we continue to innovate and launch new products into the market, such as our new Stirling model, it’s great to have the confidence in our key powder coating supplier to continually provide premium-quality coating and service.”