Preparing Your Cricket Ground for the Upcoming Season: A Groundsman's Guide for January Maintenance

Preparing Your Cricket Ground for the Upcoming Season: A Groundsman's Guide for January Maintenance

January is a crucial time for preparing cricket grounds for the upcoming season. The main focus should be on the outfield, weather permitting. Regular brushing can help remove dew and lift the sward, while aeration is a key activity that can be carried out to improve the condition of the ground- youn can use our Sorrel roller for this. Localised drainage and repair works should also be carried out to rectify any problem areas, such as depressions that have been identified.

In addition to maintenance of the playing surfaces, it is also important to carry out repairs and maintenance to resources such as sightscreens and other structures around the ground. This may include painting and repairing fences, scoreboards, covers, and practice net structures. You may want to wait until it warms up to do this.

If the weather conditions allow and the area is not affected by frost, further tasks such as mowing and aeration can be carried out. The outfield should be maintained at a height of between 25-35mm, while the square should be maintained at between 12-20mm using a rotary pedestrian mower to avoid tearing or ripping out fragile growth.

It's also important to maintain artificial pitches by regularly sweeping and brushing to remove algae and moss, and ensuring that sand levels and pile heights meet the manufacturer's recommendations.

Net facilities should also be inspected for damage and repaired or replaced as necessary. Drainage systems should be checked to ensure they are working properly, and any blocked ditches should be cleared.

In addition to the physical maintenance, it is also important to plan for the upcoming season by evaluating previous maintenance regimes, seeking quotations for machinery and materials, and keeping records of activities and facility performance. January is a good time to contact sales reps and find out what products are available for spring renovations.