Allett Liberty Range Lifestyle Photoshoot

THE BIG DECISION! Battery or Petrol Power?

Our two most viewed homeowner machines on our website are the Allett Liberty 43 and the Allett Kensington. Why? Well we can start with the fact they are our only two homeowner machines that take ALL the cartridges in the Allett range. The Allett cartridge system really does turn a patch of grass into a beautifully healthy thatch free green striped lawn. Lets start with looking at the Allett Kensington. The Allett Kensington is our petrol powered self-propelled cartridge machine. It is available in a 14', 17'', or a 20'' model. This is our premium interchangeable cartridge machine designed for keen home gardeners looking to get the very best out of their lawn. Typically suited to lawns up to 400m2 the Allett Kensington comes fitted with a 6 blade cutting cylinder and has an optional 10 blade cartridge available for a much more pristine clean cut. The cutting height ranges from 6-32mm- we advise cutting between 20-30mm for the optimum stripe. The front roller of the Kensington is robust steel and has an adjustable grass rake seated just in front of it which helps creates a beautifully strong stripe. A cartridge can be changed within 2 minutes easily.

 The Allett Liberty43 is the same spec machine as the Kensington 17B however it is powered by a 40V Lithium Ion battery. The world is starting to go green as the threat of global warming increases daily. We felt as an innovative business we had to do our part and we saw a trend in the popularity of battery powered products in other areas e.g. in the automotive industry. We released three battery powered machines in the winter of 2017; the Allett Liberty 30 (a 12'' push machine), the Allett Liberty 35 (a 14'' self propelled machine) and then in 2018 the Liberty 43 (a 17'' self propelled fully interchangeable cartridge machine). They have now become our most popular products.  The main benefits of the Liberty 43 are as follows.....

  • Lighter machine- the Liberty 43 is around 15kg lighter than the Kensington 17B making it easier to carry up steps or manoeuvre around the garden.
  • No petrol storage or trips to the petrol station- just plug in the battery once it is charged and away you go.
  • The battery lasts approximately 40mins mowing time which is more than adequate for most home lawns! If not- just get another battery!
  • Cheaper to run than a petrol- Approximately 3-5p per charge.
  • Around 1800 charges on the battery until it begins to lose capacity- After that it only loses approximately 5%.
  • Quiet- the Liberty 43 is extremely quiet allowing operators the chance to mow in gardens surrounded by other houses without upsetting the neighbours.
  • No harmful emissions- the Liberty43 is much more environmentally friendly and there are no harmful particles released by the machine.
  • Priced lower than the Allett Kensington 17B currently.
  • Takes all the cartridges in the Allett range like the Kensington.
  • You can use the battery in your Liberty in other garden products e.g. strimmers and leaf blowers etc.
  • Speed- you can adjust the speed on the Liberty43 from speeds 1-5.
  • Longer handlebars on the Liberty43 for taller operators.
  • No oil, spark plugs, or air filters to change and less general maintenance needed. Just keep the blade sharp and the body clean and you’re good to go.
  • Push button start- as you get older you don't want to be pulling a chord to start your machine.
  • HOC 6mm-32mm (incremental) 
  • Steel front roller 
  • Double section rear roller with differential for anti scuff
There are a lot of benefits of moving over to battery power!! Allett Mowers Liberty 43 Mower Find videos on our YOUTUBE of both machines here You can also find more information on both products on our website aswell as our Dealer Locator