Useful Tips For Mowing Your Lawn

Useful Tips For Mowing Your Lawn

The team at Allett Mowers have put together some useful tips for mowing your lawn this summer!

Tip 1 - The Height of the cut

Don't shave your grass really low Mow your lawn at either 1 inch or 25 mm

Tip 2 - Frequency

Mow your lawn often during the growing season Cut your lawn either once or twice per week

Tip 3 - Cut your lawn gradually

Don't shave down your grass all in one go Take the height of the cut down gradually Always collect your grass cutting

Tip 4 - Reduce the organic matter

A lawn scarifier will help you to remove the moss from your law This will prevent you from getting fungal diseases

Tip 5 - Fertilise regularly

Fertilise regularly Fertilise little and often

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