Allett Testimonial

User Testimonial- A Very Happy Member Of The Allett Family

"As an adult with a fond set of memories mowing the lawns with my Dad's Atco Commodore 24, I have now found myself recently developing an unhealthy obsession with wanting to recreate plush striped lawns again, rather than the poor bed of weeds that seem to adorn the front and rear gardens... Some like the wild blanket of daisies bedazzling the grass, but I have always liked the clean fresh striped bowling green look :-) and whilst I am under no illusion that creating a bowling lawn is not possible with all the undulations we have, I have at least set myself a challenge of having proper grass with stripes... None of this would have happened though had I not stumbled across Allett, a company that at the time I did not realise has its lineage firmly rooted in Atco, where the interest of mowing came from in the first place. Having now since watched countless hours of YouTube videos from Austin Jarrett at Allett and had many many communications with Laura Malkin also on the Allett team, I am now completely hooked. I am a firm believer in supporting our British companies, our heritage and what makes the UK great and Allett seems to ooze with its passion for manicured lawns and helping its customers achieve their passions too. Sadly, its not often that I can praise a company for great customer service, support and a superior unrivalled product, but I am delighted that there are still companies like Allett who take great pride exceeding expectations and hand holding me through some scary moments where it looked like I had just about killed off what was left of my grass. Thankfully it is recovering well and on the way to becoming a lawn again. Thanks guys... :-) More pictures to come as the transformation continues Kind regards Andrew Jones