Allett Liberty 43 vs. Allett Stirling: A Comparison

Allett Liberty 43 vs. Allett Stirling: A Comparison

Allett Liberty 43 vs. Allett Stirling: A Comparison

When it comes to maintaining medium to large lawns, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Here at Allett we offer two exceptional options tailored to the needs of home lawn enthusiasts: the Allett Liberty 43 and the Allett Stirling. While both are designed to deliver superior performance and convenience, they possess distinct features that cater to different preferences and requirements. Let's explore the differences between these two models to help you make an informed decision.

Allett Stirling: Professional Precision

The Allett Stirling represents the pinnacle of professional-grade lawn maintenance equipment. Engineered with precision and robustness in mind, the Stirling is equipped with the Allett UC cartridge system offering professional-level cultivation and clean-up for tasks such as lawn-thatch control, autumn renovations and weed control. Powered by the EGO 56V battery system with 'Keep Cool'™ Technology, the Stirling boasts a separate powerful electric motor (ProDrive™) for both mowing and cultivation cartridges ensuring unprecedented control and comfort. If you've got an unlimited budget this is the mower for you! When you purchase the Stirling you are purchasing a semi-professional mower capable of all the tasks of our Professional mowers within budget.

Key Features of the Allett Stirling:

  • Ultra-Quick cartridge change system for seamless transition between mowing and cultivation tasks, requiring no tools and taking less than 15 seconds.
  • Push button start - no pulling of engine cords
  • HiteRite™ height of cut selection for micro-adjustment with a clear scale, providing precise control over cultivation depth. Deeper cultivation than the Liberty 43. Cut as low as 3-4mm and as high as 50mm with the Allett Stirling and 10 blade cylinder.
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars for superior comfort during extended use, featuring RotoShift™ control for effortless speed adjustment. The RotoShift is great for when you are scarifying and you can slow the forward speed of the mower right down. The handlebars have three different height adjustments as well as three different angle adjustments.
  • Thicker, more rigid bottom blade SureBlade™ system for easier and more accurate blade setting, coupled with a quiet electrical system for minimal noise disruption.
  • GlideDrive™ system for effortless pulling without resistance from driving the motor enhancing manoeuvrability. Perfect for mowing into corners of the lawn and pulling the mower backwards easily.
  • Options of 56v 5Ah, 7.5Ah, 10 Ah and 12Ah Ego batteries. Use the 56v battery in other EGO tools
  • 62L Mesh grass bag which is lighter to carry and easier to empty- optimised air flow also for better fill. (Stirling 51-70L)
  • Weights- Stirling 43- 53kg including 6 blade cartridge, battery and grassbag. Stirling 51: 57kg including 6 blade cartridge, battery and grassbag. This weight helps with the definition of the stripe.

Allett Liberty 43: Versatile Performance

In contrast, the Allett Liberty 43 is designed to offer versatile performance with the convenience of battery-powered operation. Equipped with a 6-bladed cutting cylinder and powered by a 40v Lithium-Ion battery, the Liberty 43 delivers precise mowing with infinitely variable micro-cutting height adjustment ranging from 6mm to 32mm. This mower is compatible with all cartridges in the Allett range, making it suitable for a variety of lawn care tasks.

Key Features of the Allett Liberty 43:

  • Quick cartridge change system for seamless transition between different lawn care tasks without the need to remove belts (Approx 2 minutes so not as quick as the Stirling)
  • Incremental height of cut change from 6mm-32mm (numbered system- no guide)
  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable design, weighing just 38.5kg without a battery, ensuring easy handling around the garden.
  • Double section rear roller with geared differential for smooth turns without damaging the grass surface ensuring uniform striping.
  • Push-button start for hassle-free operation eliminating the need for strenuous pull cords.
  • Quiet operation with noise levels as low as 92dB, enabling mowing even during evening hours without disturbing neighbours.
  • Option of 40v 4Ah or 6Ah Greenworks batteries
  • Use the 40v batteries in other Greenworks lawncare tools e.g. leaf blowers, edgers, chainsaws etc
  • 62L Polypropylene grass box- robust, in-built handle- can be harder to empty due to the lip.


In summary, both the Allett Stirling and Allett Liberty 43 offer exceptional performance and convenience for home lawn enthusiasts. Do you have the Ego batteries already for other lawncare tools? That may be a decision maker for you. Do you want to cultivate deeper? The Stirling will allow you to do this and get a more professional finish to your lawn.

Remember you can take your QC cartridges with you when upgrading to a Stirling. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual preferences, lawn size, and desired level of performance.