Why we love allett mowers

Why We LOVE Allett Mowers

We might be a little biased as we are one of the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality cylinder mowers for home and professional usage, but at Allett Mowers it shouldn't come as a secret that we really LOVE providing our customers with garden mowers and sports mowers from Allett! Why do we love Allett so much? Well seeing as it is Valentine’s Day, we thought we would share why.

Heritage of Allett Mowers

Throughout the history of Allett Mowers, we have always taken great pride in our heritage. Being a completely British-owned company for over fifty years we are proud of how far we have come since our inception. After more than 5 decades of developing our garden mower and sports/greens mower ranges we're more than thrilled and amazed to be a name that is recognised throughout the world.


With heritage comes reputation, and throughout our 50+ years of being in operation, we could not be happier with the positive reputation we have accumulated since our inception. From being acquired by the privately-owned Turfmech Group in August of 2007 to providing professional football/soccer mowers to a majority of the venues which hosted the FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018, and even becoming an official partner of Edgbaston Cricket Ground, none of this would have been possible if not for our fantastic reputation forged by years of amazing customer feedback and loyalty. Our mowers are used in some of the worlds top sports clubs down to grassroots level.


One of the driving factors as to how Allett Mowers maintained such an incredible reputation as well as such a long and proud heritage – for 50+ years Allett has specialised in providing customers with high-quality, precision single-cylinder lawn mowers. We are still supplying spare parts to machines made in 1965 showing the long lasting build quality of our machines. When using an Allett cylinder lawn mower, customers expect nothing less than a quality and reliable lawn cutting machine, as well as a crisp cut and quality finish to their lawn thanks to our machines' expertly engineered precision blades and rollers. This all shows when you use an Allett Mower for yourself, and you see the finished result.


As Allett continue to grow and manufacture homeowner and professional mowers for customers across the world we recently made the decision to change the way we work, and become more energy efficient. We are now powering our factory using renewable energy sources. Allett have already started to manufacture and favour battery-powered lawn mowers over petrol by switching engines with electric motors. There has also been changes in machine features to allow the operator to do more with their machine e.g. built in backlapping in some of the professional range machines. View the Allett Liberty Range. Read more about Allett's decision to go green! Happy Valentine's Day!