Yvonne's Lawn Journey- Allett Kensington

Yvonne's Lawn Journey- Allett Kensington

Yvonne- Orkney- My Kensington Dream

I'm blessed to call Orkney my home where I am self employed. As far back as I can remember we have always had a tidy lawn at our family home which got me thinking about maintenance in a way that was only going to enhance what was already existing. I set about a vast research project and learnt all about lawn maintenance with a cylinder mower and what tools I needed to get the best out of my lawn. My research taught me I needed important and essential factors such as an aerator, scarifier and a cylinder mower the size of our existing mower.

I found the Allett website and to my amazement every box was ticked. I was wide eyed; it was all there in one machine. Fast forward and a huge box arrived earlier than estimated with the Scarifier cartridge and a 20 inch Kensington for our home lawn. Many people I know whiz around the lawn, strim around the edges and never give the grass another thought until the next time it requires a cut- my experience is very different. I really enjoy cutting grass and can remember playing with an old very blunt push mower as a child .So when the bright red blade came into sight the memories from my youth came flooding back bright and warm.

Being a woman a lawn mower is probably not the first thing you would expect me to be shouting about. Well the Kensington mower has given my lawn the finished result that I really wished for. In my eyes a lawn is like a growing blank canvas crisp, fresh, neat and tidy. I put down many tons of compost and leaf mould just to level the grass bed. I bought grass seed from William Shearer's (a family run local business over 100 years in the same family so they really know what is needed). I dug out the weeds with an old kitchen knife and tried so very hard week after week.

I cut with the Kensington and scarify regularly. My dream is now reality. Oh my I had to take off my Hunter wellington boots which I think I have in every colour and feel the grass under my feet!

I love nature and use no nasty things in my garden. The Kensington is great for this as I can cultivate my lawn without using harmful chemicals. I purchase old antique terracotta plant pots and often imagine all the roots that have been nurtured in the pot and the shared growing experience to so many green growers hands previous to me.

Now with the Kensington's crisp cut the birds walk around the lawn more than ever before and the wild hedgehogs do a sprint towards their supper dish. So to sum up the Allett Kensington, your eyes are probably rolling and thinking oh a woman shouting about a lawnmower but this lawnmower has helped me achieve a result that I have dreamt of for many years. Using the Kensington is similar to driving a luxury car as the solid well presented controls and the grass box handle/grip was made for my hand size. The engine has a purr rather than a growl sound when running and then my next point is for the girls with a manicure and polish..........it has an on/off switch which is nail friendly. I cut ,scarified and cut again and not one chip, true fact!

Well the only thing I can say is that The Kensington lawnmower was named after a Royal Palace and my experience is simply Royal standard. Thank you to each and every team member from Allett for creating such lovely machine.