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Allett C24 Cylinder Mower (Power-unit with Grassbox)

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Please note: Price includes Power-unit with Grassbox only. Cartridges - including the cutting cylinder - are extra.


The Allett C24 (part of our professional mowers C Range) delivers a wide range of professional turf maintenance functions from a single pedestrian controlled machine to suit most maintained turf areas.

Each purpose-designed, easy-change, C-Range cartridge head becomes an integral part of the machine, enabling tasks ranging from fine turf mowing, verti-cutting and slitting to brushing, scarifying and sorrel rolling to be carried out successfully and without compromise.

Such year-round versatility greatly extends the cost-effectiveness of the C-Range power unit, enhancing the value of the investment for the benefit of owners such as sports clubs, turf maintenance contractors and other professionals looking to produce high-quality turf surfaces. The C-24 is ideal for finer sports turf surfaces such as cricket, bowls and golf as well as formal lawns where low weight and a great finish are paramount. All models have adjustable handlebars, equipped with anti-vibration mounting. Grass boxes are manufactured out of moulded plastic with a steel reinforcing strip. Engineered to operate effectively at low engine speeds the C24 delivers low fuel consumption, noise levels and vibration.



  • Honda GX160 engine
  • Power output- 3.6kW (4.8hp) @ 3,600 rpm
  • 3.1-litre fuel tank
  • 24” (610mm) working width
  • Overall width- 890mm (35in)
  • Six-blade ‘Quick Cartridge’ cylinder. 10 blade cylinder available
  • 6 blade-93cpm/10 blade-155cpm
  • 2.4mm – 19mm (0.1″ to 0.75″) cut height
  • Adjustable handlebars with anti-vibration mountings
  • Drive engagement Handle-mounted lever engaging V belt via cable
  • Cartridge head engagement Handle-mounted lever engaging V belt via cable
  • Rear roller Two-piece aluminium with steel bevel gear differential
  • Front roller Grooved aluminium with scraper and sealed end-bearings (plain roller optional)
  • Turf Groomer (Available on 10-blade cutting groomer only) 45 blades @ 10mm spacing (C20). 54 blades @ 10mm spacing (C24). Groomer’s working height infinitely between upper and lower limits. The unit can be raised fully above the turf if grooming is not required.
  • Grassbox Moulded plastic with steel reinforcing strip
  • Optional accessories- Scarifier with Tungsten tipped blades, Scarifier, Turf Rake, 6 bladed cylinder, 10 bladed cylinder, Sorrel Roller, Brush, 10 bladed cylinder with groomer, Verticut, Slitter C027 Cartridge Stand and C015 Transport Wheel Kit
  • Popular for cricket wickets and squares as well as bowls and golf 
  • Warranty: 24 Months/1500 Hours for Sports User. 48 Months/1500 Hours for Home User

  • Other Models 
    Available in the C Range:


    C20, C27 & C34 (Petrol)

    C27E & C34E (Battery)


    All machines carry our two-year warranty on parts and labour.

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