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Allett C24SC 24" Powered Scarifier Cartridge

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The Powered Scarifier is designed to remove thatch, surface debris and dead moss.

The custom-designed scarifier helps keep your sports surface healthy and disease-free by allowing air and water to penetrate the soil surface, by using steel blades to cut out the unwanted thatch.

Our scarifiers also encourage thickening of the tuft, as they cut downwards rather than across, meaning the grass is ‘pruned’, causing extra shoots to grow, producing a thicker and healthier turf for a more luxuriant playing surface.

As the scarification procedure is quite harsh on the grass, it’s important to note that the lawn may initially look damaged and unsightly, however, in the long run, will do your lawn the world of good, producing a thick, luscious and healthy growth of grass in about a month or so.

Scarification produces the best results if the lawn is also aerated to allow for better absorption of nutrients, air and water. See our Aerator here.

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