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Allett C27 Cylinder Mower (Power-unit with Grassbox)

POA - please call (03) 9772 6444 or email

Please note: Price includes Power-unit with Grassbox only. Cartridges - including the cutting cylinder - are extra. Mower has a grooved front roller. The smooth one shown is an optional extra.

Designed to meet requests from groundsmen in Europe and the USA, the Allett C27 mower offers the professional sheer versatility with the ease of the C-Range of interchangeable cartridge heads. Not only is there the convenience of performing multiple turf maintenance tasks using one machine, owners such as sports clubs, turf maintenance contractors and other professionals also benefit from the value of the investment.

The cylinder cutting system, with substantial front and rear rollers, ensures a superior cut, levelness of finish and longer-lasting, more crisply defined stripes. Effortless mowing is equally assured with handle-mounted levers for drive and cartridge engagement and the adjustable handlebars have anti-vibration mountings.

While these are heavily constructed cylinder mowers they are compact and manoeuvrable enough to be used in small spaces as well as open sites. The C27 is quality-built and performs with excellence all the multiple tasks the professional could ask for.


  • A wide range of interchangeable cartridge heads available for a variety of turf maintenance tasks for large areas
  • One machine capable of performing up to 8 different turf maintenance operations
  • 686mm/27” working width
  • Overall width 940mm (37in)
  • Engine- Honda GX200
  •  Power output (net) 4.1kW (5.5hp) @ 3,600 rpm
  • Fast, simple micro cutting height adjustment from 8mm – 55mm (0.32” to 2.17”)
  • Drive engagement Handle-mounted lever engaging V belt via cable
  • Cartridge head engagement Handle-mounted lever engaging V belt via cable
  • Rear roller Rubberised, 2 piece steel construction, with steel differential gears 
  • Front roller - Grooved roller fitted as standard
  • Professional mower range GX200 engine
  • 3.1-litre fuel tank
  • 68cm (27”/686 mm) working width
  • Cylinder cutting system
  • Six-blade ‘Quick Cartridge’ cylinder
  • 8 blade = 128cuts/m , 6 blade = 96cuts/m 
  • 8mm – 55mm (0.32″-2.17″) cut height
  • Weight- 135kg (297lb)
  • Grassbox Moulded plastic with steel reinforcing strip
  • Adjustable handlebars with anti-vibration mountings
  • Options- Optional plain front roller (as shown in the product photo)
  • Optional accessories; 8 bladed cylinder, Verticut, 6 bladed cylinder, Brush, Scarifier with Tungsten tipped blades, Scarifier, Sorrel Roller, Turf Rake
  • Warranty: 24 Months/1500 Hours for Sports User. 48 Months/1500 Hours for Homeowner


Other Models Available:

  • C-20
  • C-24
  • C-34
  • C27E (Battery)
  • C34E (Battery)

All machines carry our two-year warranty on parts and labour.

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