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Allett C34VCE 34" Powered Verticutter Cartridge (Electric Evolution C34E)

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The Powered VertiCutter is equipped with backwards inclined blades specially designed to prune the grass to improve tillering and stolon formation. This increases the turf density and is very important for anyone wishing to develop fine turf, such as those with bowling and golf greens. The blades are spaced 35mm apart and penetrate the soil to a maximum depth of 0mm.

Recommended Uses:

– To control thatch by removing the dead and dying grass plants which would otherwise contribute to the thatch layer
– Produce an upright grass which will be easier and cleaner to cut with a 6 or 10 blade cartridge later
– As a method of controlling weeds and coarse weed grasses that lie flat in the sward, such as Yorkshire fog and Meadow grasses.

NOTE: You should NOT allow the Powered VertiCutter blades to come into contact with the soil as this will damage the lawn.

If your lawn is bumpy it is recommended you flatten it before using this cartridge to minimise damage.

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