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Allett Calibration Sheet

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Are you tired of guessing how much fertiliser your lawn needs? Excess application can lead to damage and wasted money? Look no further – the Allett Calibration Sheet is here to revolutionise your lawn care routine!

Key Benefits:

  1. Precision Fertiliser Application: Say goodbye to the uncertainty of overfeeding your lawn. The Allett Calibration Sheet ensures that you apply just the right amount of fertiliser preventing damage and optimising nutrient absorption.  Worried about getting the calibration rate right? Fear not! Our sheet takes the guesswork out of the equation allowing you to measure and apply with confidence.Whether you're spreading fertiliser or grass seed the Allett Calibration Sheet has got you covered.

  2. Cost-Effective: Save money by using only the necessary amount of fertiliser. No more wasted resources on excess product that your lawn can't absorb.

  3. Compact and Convenient: With its 1m x 1m dimensions, the Allett Calibration Sheet is designed for easy storage. Its compact size ensures that it won't take up much space in your shed.

  4. Spreader-Friendly: Run your spreader over the sheet without any issues. It's engineered to handle the rigors of lawn care equipment making your job even more convenient.

  5. Anti-Bounce Design:  The Allett Calibration Sheet's thoughtful design prevents seed bounce ensuring every bit of your investment stays right where it belongs – in your lawn.


See the Difference – Witness Results!

Check out the photos of Austin confidently using the Allett Calibration Sheet on his home lawn.