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Allett QC14A 14" Aerator Quick Change Cartridge

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This cartridge can be used with the following mower:
Kensington 14B

The ‘non-driven’ Aerator cartridge permeates the soil with small holes which allows air, water and nutrients to pass through more easily to the grassroots. This is beneficial as this helps the roots grow more deeply, meaning a healthier, thicker and more luscious lawn.

The Aerator also removes soil compaction and helps water move into the soil profile. Soil that is compacted has too many solid particles, which can prevent the soil from absorbing what it needs to flourish. Aerating your lawn stops the roots from being starved as there is nothing blocking that process.

If your lawn dries out easily then it could be crying out for aeration. If you remove a small slice of your lawn about 4 inches deep, and there’s a layer of thatch taller than half an inch, it’s time to give it some breathing space.

NOTE: This cartridge will only penetrate up to 5mm deep and is not an aggressive aeration tool. It is only meant to slightly penetrate the surface to break up surface crust and works best on surfaces that are well maintained and thatch free/ cut below 20mm

Find out more about Aeration here.