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Allett QCSWK Auxiliary Wheel kit

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The Allett Auxiliary Wheel Kit comes as standard with the Allett Liberty 43 and Kensington machines and is available as an optional extra for other Homeowner machines.

The auxiliary wheels are designed for cutting longer grass that has grown too long for your cylinder to cut without the roller flattening it – may be if you go away on holiday and have missed several cuts. It takes just a couple of minutes to replace the front roller with the wheels- you can then mow your grass to a manageable height and then replace the wheels with the front roller again. It is also great for mowing over worm casts rather than the roller flattening them.

”It was very easy to attach the wheels – done in less than 5 minutes. I wanted to use it just for the fact I had a few worm-casts on the lawn and wanted to cut the grass rather than smear the worm casts over the lawn” Keith Smith (Allett owner/2018 Allett Creative Stripes Winner)

Part number QCSWK