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Allett Soil Probe - Measuring Moisture, pH and Temperature Levels

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The Allett Soil Probe is a great tool to have in your armoury which you can use to test and obtain a variety of measurements including soil's moisture levels, pH, light and temperature! You can easily discover what your lawn needs and when it needs to be watered more or watered less. Have you been having issues with your lawn in terms of fertiliser not working? Your pH levels could be wrong! If your lawn is too acidic or too alkaline than you need to treat it differently.

This tester gives accurate readings between pH 4 and pH 9 which is the perfect range anyway. If your lawn is out of these levels it's in some serious trouble.

You can check your soil temperature ahead of seeding- grass wont grow below 9c.

Probe length -200mm


What you can test....

  • The best time to irrigate - is your lawn too wet or too dry. It may look dry on the surface but the tester will help you know just how wet it is underneath
  • If the soil acidity is optimal for grass growth (pH levels)
  • Is the soil temperature high enough to ensure that seeding and fertilising is at the best time for optimal germination and fertiliser take-up by the grass plant?
  • Just insert the probe into the soil and wait a few seconds to measure soil conditions in an easy and convenient way. Say goodbye to pH strips and colour cards.
  • The Allett soil tester is lightweight and easy to use and carry.