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Allett Lawn Levelling Lute

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The Allett Lawn Levelling Lute is the ultimate weapon for seeding, turfing or applying a pristine top dressing to your lawn during Spring and Autumn. A handle pivoting clevis connection allows the handle to lie flat which gives maximum reach while leaving the lute frame flat on the lawn surface. This also gives a flat-against-the-wall profile when hanging on the wall for storage.

  • Available in two sizes LL1000mm x250mm and LL750mm x250mm
  • Made from stainless steel for corrosion free life
  • 2m long handle for extra reach with hanging hole for storage.


Struggling to decide which width?

  • 1000mm –    This offers faster movement of material and area coverage ( because of the greater width)
  • Better levelling ( because of greater width). Doesn’t follow every dip and hollow so deposits material in hollows better)


  • More expensive (although this is not the deciding factor)
  • More effort to push and pull (because it’s moving more mass of material).
  • More space for storage (although folds flat against a wall when hung from the handy top-handle-hole, or handle easily unscrews/dis-assembles)


750mm -       

  • More affordable
  • Less effort to push/pull.
  • A better size for smaller gardens


Overall – the advice is to go for the widest you dare for best levelling effect which is the primary objective for acquiring a Lawn Lute.


Why buy a lawn Lute instead of using a landscaper’s rake?

Much quicker to move soil/sand around the lawn (moves material both forward and backward strokes).

The 250mm depth of the frame means the lute frame levels better. The whole idea is the frame rides over the top of high spots and leaves material in the low spots. The rake can go into the bottom of a hollow and remove material. So the lute requires much less skill to achieve a better levelling result.

The Lute is consolidating the soil sand as it distributes the material. Whereas the rake is lifting (fluffing-up) the material as distributes it around the lawn.