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Allett RCC4310- 17'' 10 Blade Rapid Change Cutting Cylinder For The Allett Cambridge

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This cartridge is compatible with the Allett Cambridge 43

Made of hardened and ground steel the 10 bladed cylinder offers a super fine cut, which is sharp and clean. A clean-cut is less damaging to the grass plant and lessens the risk of disease forming. This cartridge is available as an optional extra and is ideal for the serious cylinder mower user requiring cutting heights below 20mm to achieve a bowling green finish (the 6 blade is your general purpose cutting cylinder for 20mm and above). You will need to be cutting regularly with this cartridge; at least twice a week.

The 10 blade cutting cylinder mows as low as 6mm (3mm with the Stirling) with a higher clip rate (131 cpm) than that of the 6 blade cylinder (79cpm) resulting in a more uniform finish.


The RC cartridge has a guard fitted as well as the grass hoop to fit your grass bag.

Note- photo shows QC cartridge